What is Qi Gong?

Qi gong and Qi

Qi gong is the art of cultivating and "playing" with Qi (Prana or life energy). 
It has its origins in Taoism and Buddhism, and some of its goals are to connect us with the Cosmic flow and with Nature, and to bring more Harmony into our life.
Qi gong involves three aspects of the life- the physical, the energetic and the Spiritual.


The Physical Practice
The Practice is based on sets of movements that support  the flow of chi, to create a healthier and more vital body, to heal and strengthen the body and soul, and to bring our consciousness back to peace and happiness which are of her nature.

The meaning of the term "Qi-Gong" is: "Practice of Qi", so we are learning and practicing how to let the Qi flow In and Around the body. This keeps the body healthy and strong, and helps keeping it in balance.


A movement meditation
The practice is a combination of movement and meditation. some movements have a special meaning and intention (like connecting to the heavens and the earth). 

Through the movements we can feel more peace, joy and stability. 


The third aspect of the practice is the spiritual one. it can be described as finding our most inner "Self" or the "power of creation" or "life source".

Qi is all around and within us- as this "power" or "field"  which is truly “what” we are.

The "knowing" of it happens through the movement and through the experience of "that" (which cannot be defined by words) in our Body and Being.

There are different styles and variations of Chi gong. Two of my favorites are:

Sheng Zhen - A very special and soft Chi gong intended for Opening the heart and awakening the soul, it focuses on opening to the Unconditional Love that we are.
Sound Chi Gong - There are different types of chi gong that use sounds to connect to the inner body and to move the chi. this is a very powerful and effective practice. It also gently massages the Internal organs.