My name is Guy, I was born in Israel and grew up in the U.S.A and in Israel.

I teach Qi gong, Meditation, Authentic Movement and give Sound concert-meditations with Singing bowls.


My main interest is with the relation between the Body and that which makes it alive, aware, sentient.

That which is what we are.


The beginning

My path took me through Architecture School (The Technion, Haifa- Israel Institute of Technology), where I guess I was already interested in structure (Body) and space (Awareness).

during a few years of working as an architect, I studied the Grinberg method, and worked with people in regard to the body-mind connection and with bringing attention to the body and to how we embody it in our life.

I also studied Guided Imagery and NLP in the Reter Institute in Israel.


The discovery

At that time I discovered how everything is in our mind- “the creator” of the world, and was teaching people for some time to use their intention to create and improve their life, but somehow, luckily… I discovered this was not “it”, for me. I found out that the real happiness people were experiencing was not because of what they had achieved, but because for a split second they had stopped “searching” for MORE.

it was really surprising to see how short this split second was, before people wanted more of "something".


In one of these workshops, in such a split second, where everybody in the group were in deep peace, just for a moment, just because they imagined that they already had what they wished for, I had a glimpse of the essence of what I wanted to experience and to share with others. 


The Journery

Since then, I have been exploring the realm of consciousness, through meditation, through movement and attention, and through self inquiry. it is an infinite and exiting journey, through which I have also learned and experienced methods such as Butoh (a Japanese dance form) with Maya Dunsky in Israel and with Lee Rizome in Dharamsala (India), Gaga and BMC (Body Mind Centring) in Germany.


I have done a one year Qi Gong and Tai Chi teachers training with "Yetzira" school and the Washington Hill College of Education in Israel.

I also participated in two "Sheng Zhen" Qi Gong Teacher trainings with Master Li Jun Feng.


In 2013 I came to Berlin for a one month training with MOC (moving on centre) and fell in love with this city… I came back one year later and stayed here since then.

Nowadays I am participating in an Authentic Movement 2 year training with Shantam Zohar, to deepen my knowledge in this beautiful practice of movement and awareness, that I have been practicing for a few years now.


My work

I have been working with individuals and teaching groups since 1998, Using different tools and doorways into the wholeness of our being.​ My interests are with the Body- the physical, and awareness- “That” which "knows" and makes the physical experience possible. 

Between these two the unknown can be revealed. The meeting starts with “what is”... and unfolds as we meet. There is no knowing in advance of what will be needed at the moment of meeting oneself and so... Lets meet without knowing.


My teachers

In the past few years I have been so lucky to spend time with Teachers such as Gangaji and Eli Jaxon Bear (USA), Mooji (England, Portugal), Ganga-Mira (Portugal) and Ramesh Baleskar (India). most of them teach Self Inquiry in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi.   I am deeply grateful for meeting them !

May all Beings Be Happy 

About Me...