Authentic Movement

A deep exploration of movement, awareness, communication...

Moving in freedom

Authentic Movement Is a practice in which participants start in a comfortable position, eyes closed to sense their inner body-mind processes. They then wait for stimuli to arise within them, and follow each impulse expressing movement or sound. individuals move through the space entirely free from any direction or expectation. This allows people to explore psychological processes as they arise into kinaesthetic responses of movement or sound.


What is "Authentic"?

"When the movement was simple and inevitable, not to be changed no matter how limited or partial, it became what I called 'authentic' – it could be recognised as genuine, belonging to that person.”

The movement becomes 'authentic' when the individual is able to allow their intuitive impulses to freely express themselves without intellectual directive, as opposed to movement initiated by conscious decision making – a distinction which may appear clear, but practically a challenge. Individuals simply pay attention to what they feel at a sensory level, since "the core of the movement experience is the sensation of moving and being moved.” 

(Mary Starks Whitehouse- developer of the method.

The mover and the witness

In the practice of A.M. we take one of two roles- a Mover or a Witness, each in his turn, observes different instructions. the Mover is moving in the space with his eyes closed, allowing what is happening to happen. The Witness is bringing his attention to what is happening in the space, giving the mover/movers his awareness and thus supporting their focus and intensity.


Sharing the experience

At the end of each session (after experiencing both roles), there is a "sharing" part, in which we also follow certain instructions that keep us focused on speaking in the present moment, and describing without interpreting what we saw and experienced. this is a wonderful practice in communication and in being true to what is.

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