Qi Gong Classes in Berlin

Qi gong is a relaxed and flowing movement practice, that strengthens the body and brings it back to its own vitality and flexibility.

By finding our own natural way, we will let the body-mind re-member their own freedom through movement, sound and breath.

New Group starting end of March 2017, 

come practice and enjoy moving together. 

Location: Kreuzberg 

Thursdays (Donnerstag)   18:30-19:30   


Wednesdays (Mittwoch)    19:15-20:15 

contact for more details:

We will focus on Two of my favorite "Qi gongs":

Sheng Zhen - A very special and soft Chi gong intended for Opening the heart and awakening the soul.
Sound Chi Gong - we use sounds and breath to connect to the inner body and to move the chi. its a very powerful and effective practice. It also gently massages the Internal organs.

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